It’s A Matter Of Time

21st Century Medicine has developed an entire platform technology focused on the creation and commercialization of hypothermic preservation and cryopreservation techniques that enable protection, preservation, transportation, storage & future use of valuable living systems.
These developments have taken science far beyond conventional preservation limits. 21CM scientists continue to prove long-term protection and preservation of complex living systems is not only possible, but commercially viable.

So, what does all this mean?

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It means that a vital link has been created that we call “Bio Logistics”.

Biopharmaceutical companies get a larger window in which to test new drug candidates on viable premade and cryopreserved tissue slices that function like fresh.

In assisted reproductive medicine, fertilization by safer, less expensive and intensive methods is possible because damage to fragile cells is minimized or totally eliminated.

Companies providing products containing living biological systems now have an effective partner to fulfill their inventory and supply chain needs.

And soon, organ banks can actually start banking organs.

21CM serves as an enabling link in the protection and preservation of living systems. In fact, 21CM’s custom preservation protocols, solutions, and devices support clients across a diverse range of natural and bio-artificial applications including everything from the natural survival of Alaskan beetles to long-term storage of human corneas, and from revival of Hawaiian coral to transportation of bio-artificial constructs.

From reliable and responsive contract research to innovative process solutions, 21st Century Medicine can help resolve most time-sensitive “Bio Logistic” problems currently faced by researchers and producers of living system products.

21CM performs research testing and produces lab-scale cryopreservation solutions for research and educational purposes only. No current 21CM test or product is used for or meant for diagnosis or treatment of any human medical condition or disease. 21CM does not provide products for human use or give/offer medical advice, or medical diagnosis for any medical condition(s) and/or symptom(s).

21CM continues to work on applications in the following areas: