21st Century Medicine --Expanding the Boundaries of Preservation Science


If you need contract research related to the preservation of living cells, tissues and organs, then you need the services of 21st Century Medicine. From study design to product testing, our preservation research services and integrated proprietary protocols can seamlessly fit into any biomedical drug development or any living system preservation effort.

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21CM develops custom preservation solutions for a variety of applications across a wide range of temperatures. Our base solutions currently include hypothermic organ preservation solutions, ice blocking agents, ice crystal suppression polymers, heart resuscitation solutions and multiple cryoprotectant mixtures.

Our platform vitrification technology enables successful cryopreservation in systems as simple as individual cells and as complex as whole mammalian organs. It is likely that our advanced formulas can be used to produce better results after freezing and thawing as well.

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Get high-capacity specimen storage through an ultra-low range of temperatures with our customized and fully programmable Controlled Isothermic Vapor Storage (CIVS) systems. More sturdy and energy efficient than any other system, our storage racks, canisters and frames provide easily accessible, cost-efficient storage.

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