21st Century Medicine --Expanding the Boundaries of Preservation Science

To Preserve & Protect

21st Century Medicine, Inc is currently transitioning from “what if” presentations made to scientific visionaries to “this is what we can offer” presentations made to members of the mainstream biomedical community.

Our mission and long term focus remains to bring to the biomedical field new and fundamentally superior methods for protection, preservation, storage and transport of biological tissues and human organs.
Our research to date has focused primarily on preservation systems for entire organs, and larger biological systems.

While these are high profile targets, the challenges to successful commercial implementation are severe. We continue to pursue this research and feel it is extremely important, but understand that whole organ preservation alone does not meet the financial requirements needed to support a successful initial commercial offering.

A further iterative analysis of market opportunities, current regulatory environments, and internal capabilities have led us to a more clear and workable fit between current capabilities and verifiable commercial target markets.

So, while we continue to invent and discover, we have now formed teams focused on product and market development as we move rapidly toward commercialization of our preservation technology platform, and our research services.

We’re still the only laboratory in the world with a direct focus on organ vitrification research, and this places us directly in line to benefit from the many other biomedical applications of our technology platform. Profitable applications for our vitrification technology platform are virtually unlimited.

Our research staff is world-class; our management team is seasoned. And we’re already aggressively moving into new market applications. If you are interested in being a part of our financial growth, please contact us at investment@21cm.com