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Super cool Z-1000™
Superior Ice Suppression

Super cool Z-1000 is an additive that suppresses ice formation to enhance the performance of vitrification solutions. It is a non-colligative “synthetic ice blocker” that specifically targets and inactivates bacterial ice nucleating proteins, even when present at very small concentrations. These proteins seem to be a ubiquitous environmental contaminant and generic ice blockers such as Super cool X-1000 are not completely effective against them. Z-1000 is best used in combination with X-1000 to “clean up” residual heterogeneous ice nucleation events in vitrification solutions.

Z-1000 is not a vitrification solution, although it can be used in concentrations of several percent as a non-penetrating component of vitrification solutions. It has not been tested for efficacy in freezing solutions, or in dilute vitrification solutions dominated by homogeneous ice nucleation.



How Super cool Z-1000 Works

Normally, ice crystallizes around tiny impurities called heterogeneous nucleators. In the past, extremely expensive antifreeze proteins were the only substances known to suppress this phenomenon. Super cool Z-1000 is a synthetic molecule that specifically binds the class of heterogeneous nucleators produced by ice-nucleating proteins.

Super cool Z-1000 Papers

Inhibition of Bacterial Ice Nucleation by Poly-glycerol Polymers


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