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Super cool X-1000™
Enhanced Vitrification Performance

Super cool X-1000 is an additive that enhances the performance of vitrification solutions. A non-colligative “synthetic ice blocker”, X-1000 stops the early stages of ice growth during cooling or rewarming of vitrification solutions, even when present at very small concentrations. At 0.1% concentration, X-1000 will effectively “clean up” residual heterogeneous ice nucleation events in vitrification solutions. This extra stability against ice formation can, in some applications, allow cryoprotectant concentrations to be reduced to achieve an overall reduction of solution toxicity.

Super cool X-1000 has been successfully applied to the vitrification of systems as diverse as rabbit kidneys and Lilly apical meristems.

Super cool X-1000 is not a vitrification solution, nor is it recommended for use in vitrification solutions at concentrations above 1%. It also has not been tested for efficacy in freezing solutions, or in dilute vitrification solutions dominated by homogeneous ice nucleation.



How Super cool X-1000 Works

Normally, ice crystallizes around tiny impurities called heterogeneous nucleators. In the past, extremely expensive antifreeze proteins were the only substances known to suppress this phenomenon. Super cool X-1000 is a synthetic molecule that performs the same function at a vastly reduced cost.

Ice Blocker Molecular Animations

Animations of PVA Oligomers Binding to Ice
Both top views and side views are animated.

Super cool X-1000 Papers

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